Not every bride-to-be wants their wedding dress to be elaborate. There is great charm in a minimal wedding dress with a simple design and minimal embellishment. The beauty is in the simplicity and with celebrities like Meghan Markle who’s un-accessorised Givenchy wedding dress caught world-wide attention in 2018 – minimalism has made a strong comeback.

Brides who wish to ditch the lace, the tulle and the highly accessorised designs for a sleeker, more minimal wedding dress design have more than a few options to choose from. Dresses with less structure and tailoring can enhance the natural beauty and shape of a bride simply by the way they fall.

Minimal Wedding Dresses

Structured and flattering

This stunning dress from our winter collection is the perfect example of how elegant a simple, slightly off-shoulder design can be. This timeless minimal wedding dress design, with a low cut back enhances the natural silhouette of the bride for a classy and sophisticated look!


Long-sleeve simplicity

If long sleeves and minimalist designs fit the brief for your perfect wedding dress, then dresses like this open-back stretch cape gown could be the way to go. A great option for colder Melbourne weather! We love that this dress makes a statement without added embellishments.


Minimal Wedding Dress

Image: Pinterest


Simple sheath

The beautiful design of this chic-sheath high neck dress is so simple and elegant. The minimalist lines create a classic, yet stunning look. Loving the open slits down the side of the body of this wedding dress.


Minimal Wedding Dresses

Image: Pinterest


If a minimal design is your thing when it comes to your wedding dress but are yet to find the perfect match – consider getting one custom made.


Here at Bryony Jayne Bridal Couture we work with you to create the wedding dress you have always dreamed of. We love minimalist, minimal tailored wedding dresses. They look absolutely beautiful on every bride and all body shapes!