Now that the countdown is on to your wedding, it is time to focus on finding the perfect wedding dress! Wedding dress shopping doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, with a little pre-planning and vision, finding the perfect wedding dress can be a truly memorable experience, full of excitement and joy. Follow these simple steps to finding the perfect wedding dress to make the most out of the experience!


Start planning early

Bridal gowns can take a while before they are made and ready, particularly custom-made, specially designed gowns. Allow at least 6-9 months for the entire process from your first fitting, through to the final appointments. Many dresses need to be altered several times before your big day so planning early will help alleviate a lot of stress and ensure you have time to find the perfect wedding dress!


Narrow down your options

Doing some research prior to your first appointment can help narrow down styles of dresses you like and don’t like. Without a clear-cut idea of what style you like, you may feel overwhelmed when you first see the range of designs available. If you have an idea of what interests you, make a short-list and bring that with you to your first appointment. This can help narrow down your search and focus more time on the dresses you have more of a vibe for!


Determine your budget

One of the crucial steps to finding the perfect wedding dress without blowing your budget is to decide on a maximum amount you want to spend. It is all too easy to fall in love with a style without considering your budget… which may cause concerns down the track! If you have your budget pre-set, this will also help narrow down your search as you will be focusing on the dresses within your budget – and not those you cannot afford.


Plan your entourage

Choosing the right bride tribe to join you at your first appointment is an important step to finding the perfect wedding dress. Avoid bringing along too many people as you may become overwhelmed with their feedback and opinions. Bring along one or two trusted people, whether that’s your mother, sister, best friend or companion, that can give you honest and objective feedback and has your best interests at heart! However, don’t forget it is your wedding day and you are entitled to make the final decision yourself!