When it comes to your wedding dress, fit is extremely important! Whether you are getting a gown custom made, from a bridal store or online – you want to make sure the fit is perfect to ensure the gown compliments your figure and eliminates the need to constantly adjust your dress on your wedding day.

Unlike other dresses or clothing you would buy in-store that have pre-set sizes, wedding dresses have a whole ‘wedding dress fitting’ process to ensure your dress is perfect for your big day. This process can span across months, and we have outlined the process, so you know what to expect after you have found your dream wedding dress.


First Wedding Dress Fitting.

This fitting takes place between 2-6 months before your wedding. It is important to have your shoes and undergarments picked out and with you at the first fitting as this can affect how the gown fits and is altered, (the last thing you want is visible bra straps and a bad hemline on your wedding day because you forgot to wear these at your fittings!)

It can be helpful to bring a friend or family member to this fitting to get another trusted opinion on the colour of the gown and alterations being made. It is important to look out for puckering, the type of fabric used on the gown and how the fabric is draping, as if you see something you don’t like you need to let your seamstress or dressmaker know. Professional dressmakers will notice this however and work the dress to look it’s best on you and your body.


Second Wedding Dress Fitting.

About one month before your wedding the second fitting should take place. At this fitting make sure any issues or areas you had worries about at your first fitting have been addressed and fixed. You should also make sure you are able to move in your gown comfortably, as you’ll want to be able to freely move around on your wedding day.

It can also be helpful to bring any accessories you plan on wearing and testing them with the gown. If you have different options try them all and ask a trusted friend or family member for their opinion. Another option is you can to take a picture on your phone so you can evaluate your accessory options at home. Make sure if you are unhappy with the fit or any elements on the dress that you let your seamstress/dressmaker know, as now is the time to clear anything up and finalise your perfect wedding gown.


Final Wedding Dress Fitting.

The final fitting is an exciting day! It is also a day to make sure you understand how your dress works and how to correctly put it on. Many dresses can have zippers, small buttons, intricate beading and corsets, so it can be helpful to bring your Maid of Honour or a family member along to learn how to help you get dressed in your wedding gown. It is also helpful to get extra information about your gown just in case anything happens between picking up your dress and your wedding day. From ironing settings to what products to use if you get a stain, this can be helpful if unforeseen circumstance come along.

After this fitting book in a day to pick up your gown before the wedding day!

This fitting process is important for brides, so follow this guide to help ensure you are prepared for your fittings!