When finding inspiration for your wedding dress it is good to have a clear understanding of different wedding dress silhouettes and what styles will be the most flattering for your figure.

Not sure what wedding dress silhouettes would be the best fit for you?

Read our guide to wedding dress silhouettes and become an expert on the different wedding dress styles you could wear on your special day.



Ball gowns are what you imagine fairy-tale princesses wearing with a fitted bodice with a full and dramatic skirt.

This style looks amazing across all body types and makes brides truly feel magical on their wedding day. If you’ve always dreamed of looking like a princess, then this is definitely the style for you! Custom made ball gowns can ensure you have a perfectly fitted bodice which won’t fall down through the night and allow you to choose just how much the skirt expands out.

Ball gowns make a great statement at formal, traditional weddings where you’re living out your real life fairy-tale!



The mermaid style of wedding dress is fitted from the bodice right down to the knee, and flares out dramatically from the knee down to create a beautiful silhouette. The trumpet dress is very similar, however flares out mid-thigh to give a larger skirt and more ‘trumpet’ like shape.

Mermaid and trumpet gowns are ideal for both slender and hourglass figures to showcase your body’s curves. Dancing isn’t impossible but will be a little trickier if you’re planning on pulling out some bigger dance moves out later in the night!

Again, Mermaid and trumpet dresses are perfectly suited to a traditional, formal weddings where the bride can image herself making a grand entrance in a stunning gown!



A-line gowns are a very popular style of wedding dress, showcasing a fitted bodice that flows out from the waist down, resembling a very similar shape to the look of a capital A.

These gowns are flattering across all body types due to its beautiful silhouette, making this a fantastic wedding dress option for all brides.

A line dresses are perfect for any style of wedding, while the top half is formal, sexy and exciting, the bottom half says ‘I’m ready to party!’. A great style of dress if you’re planning on dancing the night away (with the option to pop flats on later in the night)!



Sheath wedding gowns are a slimmer cut dress that falls from the neckline to the floor and follows your body’s natural shape. Bohemian gowns are usually designed in this style and can reflect the bride’s personality.

This style of wedding dress is ideal for more lean and athletic body shapes, however, can also look amazing on hourglasses figures if you’re a bride who likes showing off your beautiful curves!

Sheath wedding dresses are perfect for beach or garden evening weddings in a relaxed, fun environment. Imagine yourself cruising around, champagne in hand speaking to guests all evening!



For brides wanting a shorter hemline, shorter / tea-length gowns are a great option. Shorter and tea-length gowns have a skirt that finishes between the ankle and the knee, showcasing brides’ legs and gorgeous shoes.

This beautiful wedding silhouette is a great option for brides of all body shapes to make all brides feel wonderful on their special wedding day.

While it can be worn for any type of wedding, shorter dresses suit more casual, garden style day weddings. They are a fun and modern take on the traditional wedding gown, allowing brides more variety to show off their style.




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